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Distributed Base Station DBS3900

This modular unit is designed to be installed far from other units — speeding site selection and network construction and saving investment in repeaters. It enables flexible coverage along railway lines, especially tunnels and bridges. It consists of a Baseband Unit (BBU) and a number of Remote Radio Units (RRUs), creating a single powerful cell over multiple sites.

The DBS3900 can support both GSM-R and eLTE. The GSM-R system can be upgraded to eLTE for Railway by software — there’s no need to replace hardware. Its low power consumption makes it possible to be powered by green energy — solar power, wind power, and biogas.

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Base station provides cost-effective, powerful, and flexible communications for railways

Simplified structure, consisting of only BBUs and RRUs, requires only a small number of spare parts and reduces maintenance costs

RRUs can be installed on a tower, reducing feeder costs and feeder loss and increasing system gain by 3 dB to 5 dB

Remote radio frequency technology enables distributed RRU installation, which is perfect for railways

Multiple-site cells extend cell coverage areas and reduce the number of inter-cell handovers previouslyrequired




Working Frequency Bands

876 to 880 MHz and 921 to 925 MHz

880 to 915 MHz and 925 to 960 MHz

1,710 to 1,785 MHz and 1,805 to 1,880 MHz


One BBU supports six RRUs.

Each RRU supports a maximum of six levels of cascading.

Each RRU supports two carriers.


A maximum of 12 subsites are allowed to serve one cell. Each subsite supports three RRUs.

Transmit Power

918 MHz to 925 MHz: 2 x 60W

925 MHz to 960 MHz: 2 x 80W

Receiver Sensitivity

918 MHz to 925 MHz:

Single antenna: -112.5 dBm

Double antennas: -115.5 dBm

925 MHz to 960 MHz:

Single antenna: -113.4 dBm

Double antennas: -116.4 dBm

BBU3900 Size (H x W x D)

86 mm x 442 mm x 310 mm

RRU3004 Size (H x W x D)

480 mm x 356 mm x 100 mm

RRU3004 with housing Size (H x W x D)

485 mm x 380 mm x 130 mm

BBU3900 Weight

Typical: 7 kg; maximum: 12 kg

RRU3004 Weight

15 kg without housing; 17 kg with housing

BBU3900 Input Power

-48V DC; voltage range: -38.4V DC to -57V DC

+24V DC; voltage range: +21.6V DC to +29V DC

RRU3004 Input Power

-48V DC; voltage range: -36V DC to -57V DC

220V AC; voltage range: 176V AC to 290V AC for RRU3004 of the E frequency band

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