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Home Location Register HSS9860

This wireless network database functions as a Home Location Register (HLR) that’s shared by circuit- and packet-switched core networks of a GSM-R system.

It not only stores subscriber data, but also adds, deletes, updates, and queries the data. What’s more, since it is connected to a signaling network, it can process IP, ATM 2M, or TDM signaling.

Features include seamless disaster recovery, subscriber data security, and third-party data applications that reduce costs and the complexity of adding new data.

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Reliable, cost-effective GSM-R Home Location Register database for circuit- and packet-switched networks

Hardware is compatible with the OSTA platform of the ATCA standard

Remote network backup enables seamless disaster recovery and improves system reliability

Multiple-level subscriber data backup, with data stored in different physical storage devices, ensures subscriber data security

Standard, open data access interface permits third-party applications to obtain subscriber data, reduces service deployment costs, and decreases the complexity of adding new service data




Maximum Number of Supported Subscribers

100 million

Supported Carrier Networking Modes

TDM, ATM, and IP

Maximum Number of TDM 64 kbit/s Links


Maximum Number of TDM 2 Mbit/s Links


Power Input

Rated voltage: -48V DC

Voltage range: -40V to -57V

System Availability (A)

≥ 99.99953%

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

≥ 24 years (full configuration)

≥ 42 years (single subrack)

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

≤ 1 hour (excluding the preparation time)

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