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Node eCNS300

This single-frame core network solution reduces the costs of GSM-R communications while it sets the stage for transforming railway communications to eLTE broadband. And it does this by customizing and integrating three separate Network Elements (NEs) into a single cabinet, which also improves system reliability.

The solution is built on the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA) hardware platform, which supports upgrades to eLTE. GSM-R carriers can replace the hardware module and upgrade the software to implement eLTE without additional investment.

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highly-integrated GSM-R core network solution sets the stage for efficiently upgrading to eLTE broadband

Three NEs integrated into one subrack reduce equipment costs and equipment room footprint

Sufficient rack space is reserved for packet-switched equipment that will support the evolution to eLTE through software upgrades

A simplified network structure reduces the number of intermediate nodes between core network NEs and decreases network complexity and improves reliability

A unified maintenance interface reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency




Maximum Number of Supported UEs (VMSC application)

300,000 (0.025 ERL per UE)

Maximum Number of Supported BSCs


System Availability (A)

≥ 99.999%

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

≥ 100,000 hours

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

≤ 1 hour (excluding the preparation time)

System Power-off Duration

< 5 minutes/year

Dual-homing Switchover Time

< 3 minutes

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