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Universal Media Gateway UMG8900

This Universal Media Gateway (UMG) helps you migrate your GSM-R services from TDM to all-IP communications, reduce your TCO, and protect your ROI.

The UMG, together with Huawei’s Mobile Switching Center (MSC) server, collaborates with other devices to support various basic, supplementary, and value-added mobile services on a traditional GSM-R network. Its simplified network structure also contains built-in video networking and signaling link gateways. What’s more, the UMG architecture enables fast and flexible introduction of new services.

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Reliable GSM-R Universal Media Gateway supports many mobile services and eases migration from TDM to all-IP communications

Hardware: supports both broadband packet and narrowband switching by utilizing a series of hardware platforms and types of interfaces

Services: multiple service functions supported by flexible networking and large capacity and high density can be achieved

Maintenance features: easy, flexible operations; robust security designs; and carrier-level reliability





3.2 million subscribers/3 cabinets; 400,000 subscribers/1 cabinet (R4 IP core network)

Power Consumption

≤ 850W (with full configuration)

System Availability (A)

≥ 99.999%

Disaster Recovery Time

< 5 minutes

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