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AR100/AR120/AR160/AR200 Series Enterprise Routers

Huawei’s AR100/AR120/AR160/AR200 fixed interface access routers provide routing and switching functionality for branch offices and small businesses. They feature easy installation and configuration, quiet, fanless operation suitable for office environments.

The routers are available with four or eight Fast Ethernet (FE) ports and two uplink ports for load balancing and link protection. They have a total capacity of 100 Mbit/s to 150 Mbit/s, voice and data support, and wireless access.

Huawei’s AR series routers provide built-in firewall, a broad range of VPN options, and comprehensive authentication and defense mechanisms.

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Add or expand remote enterprise locations quickly and easily with Huawei AR100, AR120, AR160, and AR200 Series Enterprise Routers

Dual-core processor isolates control and data planes, delivering high performance, non-blocking switching and forwarding in a compact form

Supports wired and wireless communications based on Huawei’s VRP operating system

Rapid, plug-and-play setup and fanless cooling for quiet operation makes adding locations to the network quick and easy, lowering costs and maximizing ROI

Digital Signal Processor in voice-capable models provides high-fidelity voice transmission across the IP network


Specifications AR100 Series AR120 Series AR160 Series AR200 Series
WAN Speed with Services* 40 Mbit/s 50 Mbit/s
150 Mbit/s; 600 Mbit/s
150 Mbit/s
Number of Recommended Users 20 20 50 50
Fixed WAN Ports 1 x GE, 1 x VDSL2 (compatiblewith ADSL2+ Annex A/M, Annex B/J) 1 x FE or 1 x GE

1x GE or 1x GE Combo
AR162: 1 x SA
AR168: 1x G.SHDSL
AR169: 1x VDSL2
1 x VDSL2 over POTS with Bonding (support dying gasp)
1 x FE
AR207: 1 x ADSL2 + Annex A/M
Fixed Ethernet Switching Ports 4 x GE (can be configured as WAN interfaces)
4 x FE or 4 x GE (can be configured as WAN interfaces)
4 x GE (can be configured as WAN interfaces) 8 x FE (can be configured as WAN interfaces)
Fixed Voice Ports - AR129CV/AR129CVW/AR129CGVW-L: 2 x FXS 4 x FXS, 1 x FXO (voice model) -
FDD LTE(LTE model) WCDMA HSPA+7 (3G model)
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 802.11b/g/n
AR129CGVW-L: 802.11ac, 802.11b/g/n
(Wi-Fi model)
802.11b/g/n or

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2,
4 x 4:4 MU-MIMO

(Wi-Fi model)
(Wi-Fi model)
Memory 256 MB 256 MB
512 MB or 1 GB 512 MB
Flash 256 MB 256 MB
512 MB 512 MB
Dimensions (H x W x D) 30 mm x 230 mm x 130 mm 44 mm x 300 mm x 216.4 mm
30 mm x 230 mm x 130 mm

44 mm x 300 mm x 216.4 mm
30 mm x 270 mm x 155 mm

44 mm x 300 mm x 216.4 mm

*Service performance depending on specific feature configuration

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