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Agile Controller-WAN

The core component of the SDN WAN solution is the Agile Controller-WAN. In WAN (IP core), Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and CloudVPN scenarios, the Agile Controller-WAN implements rapid deployment of VPN services and intra-AS traffic control. It helps simplify networks and lower network O&M costs.

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Key Features

Service on demand: This feature allows for application-based, on-demand, and automated deployment of network services. It shortens the time-to-market (TTM) of services, improves service deployment efficiency, and facilitates service innovation. It also supports automated and on-demand tunnel establishment, meeting the requirements for bandwidth on demand (BOD), bandwidth calendar, and so on.

Traffic optimization: This feature supports Border Gateway Protocol Link State (BGP-LS)-based topology information collection and path computation. It enables you to control traffic based on user-defined policies and real-time traffic information. With this feature, you can guarantee the service level agreement (SLA) for high-priority traffic, improve bandwidth utilization, and lower your network expansion costs.

Carrier-grade reliability: The Agile Controller-WAN supports both clustering and remote disaster recovery to achieve carrier-grade reliability.

Visualization: The Agile Controller-WAN provides easy-to-navigate graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to improve usability and facilitate fault locating. Through these GUIs, you can centrally configure NEs. You can also obtain a global view of networks, service paths, and service states for convenient monitoring, management, and planning.

Openness for innovation: The Agile Controller-WAN exposes network capabilities through standard RESTCONF northbound interfaces and supports standard ONOS northbound interfaces to provide compatibility with native ONOS applications. This helps accelerate network innovation and increase operational efficiency.


E2E Automated Service Provisioning and Visualization

The Agile Controller-WAN supports the on-demand, automated deployment of network services based on applications.

In a WAN scenario, the Agile Controller-WAN supports the following features:

Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (L3VPN), Virtual Leased Line (VLL), and tunnel service management, including automated provisioning and maintenance through a GUI and visualization of service paths and statuses

L3VPN and VLL bandwidth calendaring and Bandwidth on Demand (BoD)

In a DCI scenario, the Agile Controller-WAN supports the following features:

Underlay: The underlay network supports automated provisioning of L3VPN services with VLAN-based access, providing connectivity between DC networks

Overlay: The overlay network supports automated provisioning of L3VPN services with DSCP-based access, providing automated mapping of traffic classification policies to TE tunnels

In a CloudVPN scenario, the Agile Controller-WAN supports the following features:

Layer 2 Virtual Extensible LAN(VXLAN) leased line transmission using thick CPEs for enterprise sites (VXLAN leased lines use peer lists)

VLAN connection between the Cloud GW and DC L3GW

PCE-based Traffic Control

Traditional Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks have three main problems: Planning and deployment are complex, bandwidth utilization is difficult to optimize, and network maintenance is complicated. With these problems in mind, Huawei has released the innovative path computation element+ (PCE+) technology. This technology uses the PCE server to centralize the management and route computation of MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) networks. It optimizes network bandwidth resource utilization while providing differentiated management for services, ensuring that the requirements of high-priority services are met first.

Tunnel Management

Tunnel management mainly serves upper-layer services, managing the tunnels those services require. This includes tunnel registration for service modules, releasing tunnels, service interfaces for deleting or querying tunnels, tunnel storage, and service iteration to tunnels. You can use the web UI to query, create, modify, and delete tunnels.

Topology Management

Network topology collection is necessary for the Agile Controller-WAN to provide centralized control and computation as well as the basis on which it manages resources and tunnels.

The Agile Controller-WAN collects physical and logical network topology information and displays network-wide topology:

Physical topology: The Agile Controller-WAN uses NETCONF or SNMP to collect LLDP data and neighbor information from forwarders to determine the physical topology

L3 topology: The Agile Controller-WAN uses BGP-LS to collect IS-IS TE topology information and determine the L3 topology

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