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USG6300 Next-Generation Firewall

USG6300 series next-generation firewalls provide comprehensive protection in small to medium enterprise networks. They are an ideal solution for branch locations.

Integrated firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and data leak prevention enable high-performance throughput. Identifies 6,300+ applications, analyzes service traffic in six dimensions, and automatically generates security policy suggestions to combat threats.

USG6300 is certified by ICSA Labs in Firewall, IPS, IPSec, SSL VPN and AV categories; is certified at CC EAL4+ level; and earned the Recommended Rating from NSS Labs.

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Protect small and medium networks, infrastructure, applications, and data with Huawei USG6300 Next-Generation Firewalls

Fine-grained, application-layer protection and service acceleration optimize security while maintaining resilient throughput in GE networks

Multiple functions in a single device, simplify management and lower TCO

Flexible bandwidth management optimizes critical services, improves user experiences, and cuts costs

Dedicated hardware and software design and high-performance security protection ensure smooth operations

Continually updated statistical methods identify and isolate suspicious threats to stay ahead of malicious attacks; dynamically defends against new threat signatures and synchronizes with devices in the network


Model USG6305, USG6305-W, USG6310S, USG6310S-W, USG6310S-WL-OVS, and USG6320 USG6330, USG6350, and USG6360 USG6370, USG6380, and USG6390
Fixed Interfaces USG6305, USG6305-W: 4 GE
USG6310S, USG6310S-W, USG6310S-WL-OVS, and USG6320: 8 GE
4 x GE (RJ45) + 2 x GE (Combo) 8 x GE (RJ45) + 4 x GE (SFP)
Form Factor/Height Desktop 1U 1U
Local Storage - Optional: Supports a 300 GB or 600 GB hard disk Optional: Supports a 300 GB or 600 GB hard disk
Power Supplies External Power, AC Adapter Single 150W AC power supply, optional dual 170W AC power supply Single 170W AC power supply, optional dual AC power supplies

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