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FusionCube BigData Machine

Huawei FusionCube BigData Machine is a hardware platform that accelerates Big Data business and can be seamlessly connected with mainstream Big Data platforms. Based on Huawei’s innovative acceleration technologies, the BigData Machine provides the high-density data storage solution, Spark real-time analysis acceleration solution. These solutions are widely applied in public security, precision marketing, risk control, and real-time O&M, helping customers reduce TCO.

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Better compatibility, excellent performance, easy deployment, and reduced TCO

Better compatibility: Supports HortonWorks/Cloudera/FusionInsight/OpenSource Big Data platforms

Full solution: Provides Hadoop/Spark acceleration solutions

Excellent performance: Saves 30% on data node servers, Spark real-time analysis speed increased 40%


FusionCube BigData Machine

Supported Big Data Platforms

HortonWorks, Cloudera, FusionInsight, and OpenSource

Application Scenarios

    High-density data compression storage

    Spark real-time analysis acceleration

Supported Servers

RH2288 V3 and RH2288H V3

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