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Huawei OSN902 DCI Platform

Huawei OSN902 is a customized transmission device for Data Center Interconnection, and it supports large capacity, small volume, suitable for DCI transmission scenarios.

OSN902 offers 10 GE/40 GE/100 GE service interfaces on the access side, 200G/400G large capacity, ultra-low power consumption, ASE256 high-privacy encryption technology and open management interface, which can provide low-cost, efficient solutions for metro Data Center Interconnections.

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High Integration, high-capacity, low-power, Data Center Interconnection

High Integration: 2U, 6 slots, 2.4T/Subrack

Large Capacity: Supports 200G/400G, flexible grid, single fiber capacity of 20+ Tbit/s

Easy Installation: Plug-in 19-inch cabinet, AC/HVDC power supply, hot-swappable fan module/power module/service card/optical module



Dimensions (H x W x D) 86.1 mm x 442 mm x 600 mm, 19 inch cabinet
Number of Service Slots 6 slots, 2.4T/Subrack
Line Side Single Wavelength 100G (PDM-QPSK)/200G (PDM-16QAM) programmable
Client Side Pluggable QSFP+/QSFP28, supporting 10 GE/40 GE/100 GE service access
Management U2000/Web GUI/SNMP/NETCONF/Corba/RESTful/CLI
Encryption Encryption algorithm AES256
Power Supply 1+1 power supply redundancy
AC power: 90V AC to 264V AC High voltage DC power: 192V HVDC to 288V HVDC
Heat Dissipation 2+1 fan module redundancy, ventilation from front to rear

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