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VCN3010 Video Cloud Node

Based on industry standards for video surveillance services, the Video Cloud Node (VCN) integrates multiple video surveillance services in one device; such as live video surveillance, video retrieval and playback, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) controls, alarm detection and linkage, voice intercom, and electronic maps. These services provide a secure, convenient, and practical video surveillance solution for government, transportation, education departments, and enterprises.

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Stay ahead of the data storm with Huawei’s VCN3010 Video Cloud Node

Power consumption and space are reduced by 50% compared to traditional video surveillance architectures. Deployment cycles are shortened by 80%. The integrated and high-density design ensures the platform is environmentally friendly

SafeVideo and DataSafe technologies ensure the security and reliability of recording data

N+0 cloud-based cluster supports fault migration and load balancing, ensuring service continuity

Embedded video quality diagnosis supports nine kinds of video diagnosis functions with no need to configure dedicated servers


Model VCN3010
Device Performance Max. video access channels Single device: 256 (2 Mbit/s)
A maximum of 16 devices can be stacked
Max. video forwarding channels 256 (2 Mbit/s)
Max. recording playback channels 128 Mbit/s
Platform Performance Max. connected IPCs Single domain: 100,000
System: 100,000
Hard Disks Max. disks 40 (including two independent system disks), hot-swappable
RAID levels System disk: RAID1, Data disk: RAID5, SafeVideo, and global hot spare
Network Management Network protocols ONVIF2.4, RTSP, and GB/T 28181
Reliability Media transmission Supports adaptive bandwidth, FEC, multicast, and level-by-level media stream forwarding and iPCA
Cluster N+0 cluster that supports dynamic load balancing and fault migration
Data safe Backs up key data onto system disks and automatically restores service data from system disks
Compatibility Video formats H.264, H.265, MJPEG, and SVAC
Other Dimensions (H x W x D) 175 mm x 447 mm x 748 mm
Cabinet Standard 19-inch 4U cabinet
Weight 57 kg (fully configured with HDD)

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