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VCN520 Video Cloud Node

The VCN520-32 supports 32-channel network video access, and provides a wide assortment of services for customers, such as live video surveillance, video retrieval and playback, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) controls, alarm detection and linkage, voice intercom, and electronic map. The VCN is widely applied in Safe Cities, small- and medium-sized campuses, and site surveillance scenarios, including substations, base stations, and banking outlets. The VCN features easy maintenance, management, and deployment.

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Convenient video access, multiple types of deployment, reliable storage, and a range of intelligent analysis functions

Supports 32-channel network video access and 320 Mbit/s video input bandwidth

Supports deployment in a single node or as a stacking mode, as well as cascading with VCN3000 series

Supports Safevideo+ to store redundant data on demand

Supports multiple intelligent analysis functions of Huawei intelligent cameras, such as intrusion detection, cross line detection, loitering detection, abandoned object detection, and removed object detection




Device Performance

Maximum video access channels

A single device: 32 channels

Video input bandwidth: 320 Mbit/s

A maximum of 16 devices can be stacked

Video forwarding

128 channels

Video playback & download

32 channels

Video output bandwidth

320 Mbit/s


Maximum disks

4, Hot-swappable

RAID levels


Network Management

Network protocols

Supports access of devices that comply with the Huawei SDK, GB/T 28181, ONVIF 2.4, or ONVIF Profile S protocols

Supports connection to other platforms that comply with various protocols such as GB/T 28181


Media transmission

Supports self-adaptive bandwidth, FEC, SEC, and multicast


N+0 cluster (three to eight VCN520-32s can be deployed in a cluster) that supports dynamic load balancing and full service migration upon a node fault

Data safe

Backs up key data and automatically restore service data


Video formats

H.264, H.265


Dimensions (H x W x D)

Dimensions (excluding mounting ears): 442 mm x 420 mm x 86.1 mm
Dimensions (with mounting ears): 484 mm x 420 mm x 86.1 mm


Standard 19-inch 2U cabinet


≤ 10.8 kg (including 4 disks)

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