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ACU2 Wireless Access Controller Unit

Huawei’s Access Controller Unit 2 (ACU2) lets you build a WLAN fast by adding ACU2s to Huawei S7700/S9700/S12700 wired network switches, used in large enterprise or campus networks.

The reliable ACU2 delivers large-capacity and high-density access services with up to 40 Gbit/s line forwarding. Each ACU2 controls up to 2,048 APs and 32K STAs. Up to 11 ACU2s can be added to a switch for seamless expansion. When connected to an aggregation switch, the ACU2 can manage both wired and wireless access services in a centralized manner.

Step into the future of wireless communications with the ACU2 Wireless Access Controller Unit.

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Switch to a robust and secure WLAN without a large investment

Large-capacity, high-performance AC with40 Gbit/s line-speed centralized forwarding, 2K managed APs, and 32K access users

As an independent service unit,the ACU2adds easy deployment, centralized management, and seamless expansion

Flexible deployment and data forwarding includeinline or bypass deployment, direct (local or distributed) forwarding, and tunnel (centralized) forwarding

Fine-grained user and user group managementwith user- and role-based access controls usingACLs, user/intergroup/intragroup isolation policies, and bandwidth limits

Flexible operation, easy management and maintenance using Huawei’s intelligent eSight NMS, web browser, or Command Line Interface (CLI),plusremote AP configuration and WLAN management; graphic visualizers for WLAN O&M provide management data at a glance





1 x console + 1 x GE port



Power Supply

Chassis power supply

Forwarding Capability

40 Gbit/s

Maximum Number of Managed APs


Maximum Number of Access Users


AP-AC Networking

Layer 2 or Layer 3 networking

Forwarding Modes

Direct forwarding (distributed forwarding or local forwarding) or tunnel forwarding (centralized forwarding)

AC Active/Standby Modes

1+1 HSB or N+1 backup

Radio Protocols

802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave 2

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