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ETSI Mounting Brackets

ETSI Mounting Brackets or rack-mounting edges, installed on each side of a Huawei AC6605 Access Controller (AC), enable you to fasten the AC to an ETSI 19-inch cabinet. The mounting brackets also can be used for 19-inch IEC cabinets.

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ETSI Mounting Brackets enable quick, efficient installation of the Huawei AC6605 access controller

Brackets protrude on each side and permit the AC module to be fastened to the rack frame with screws

Huawei Model EETSIMA00 ETSI cabinet dimensions: 25.5 mm x 43 mm x 41mm

Huawei AC6605 access controllers (442 mm x 420 mm x 44.4 mm) can be used with 19-inch IEC cabinets




Dimensions (H x W x D)

25.5 mm x 43 mm x 41 mm


NC purple gray

Applicable Box Width

436 mm or 442 mm

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